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Hi Everyone. The Talla team is around if you have any questions. New features coming out in the next week or so include group task lists, and the ability to set reminders for someone else in your org.
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@robmay Congrats on the launch of the Talla Task assistant. Look forward to our upcoming dinner where we talk about bots, bots, bots!
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@robmay congrats on the launch!
Just a quick update that we now support group tasks, so, you can assign a task to someone else.
This is definitely what I've been looking for.
@smokydata Awesome to hear Jiwon :)
Congrats Rob and team!
@robmay Congrats on the Talla Task assistant launch! Been using it for the last week in Slack. Any Saleforce or Hubspot integrations in the future? So many of my daily tasks are associated with each
@samdtoole Can you give us some specific use cases? That would help
@robmay of course. A Hubspot example is that I currently get an email reminder to respond to a new MQL/SQL. So depending on the day, I get lots of siloed emails. Pain to sort through them and clutters my inbox. Would be awesome to have that information aggregated and the reminders sent via Talla's Slack bot on a daily basis.
@samdtoole @robmay Let us know what you're looking for in terms of HubSpot integration. Turns out, we both have some connections at both organizations. :)
Simple yet powerful! Love the idea here. Combining this with Howdy.ai is a productivity/accountability dream.