Automated information workflows in Slack

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The goal with this latest Talla platform is to give you the ability to create new skills, new work tasks, that are executed in chat through a bot interface. It allows you to automate a lot of regular monotonous workflows. We would love your feedback on work tasks you most want to offload to an A.I. Also, we work with Slack, Hipchat, SMS, and MS Teams.
@robmay can you give an example of the AI? Things like polls and surveys are well covered in tech from the last ten years or so, and I assume there's a "killer" example that still makes you excited as the CEO? Looking at the pricing, I feel there's some disconnect with what we assume is an awesome product, and the noise in the market around bots and assistants as the moment. What made the team high-five the most?
@davedri Are you familiar with word vectors? What happens when all the steps in various workflows are converted into a vector space? At that point, Talla will be able to figure out the steps to achieve a task without being explicitly told - just given the starting point and the end goal. It will be pretty amazing, but, automation of these workflows is the initial way to grab the data set to make that work.
Great peak into where AI is going: automate away mundane tasks so people can focus on the high-level, creative problems.
@drewvolpe I'm with you—excited about it!
@androidlove Yes! The integration is done but not testing with live customers yet. Reach out if you want to beta.
@robmay @androidlove and what about Microsoft Teams?
@tom_wentworth @androidlove Yes. We will be part of the January general roll out.
Saw this, got excited, looked at the pricing, saw the team plan (eg to get more than 5 workflows) was 899 USD per month, with no jump in between. Pricing seems very odd.
@jasondainter Thanks for the comment - two points on that. First, its early and we can definitely be flexible if you are willing to help be a case study. Secondly, compared to the cost of hiring an employee to do many of these tasks, it's a very good deal. Email me rob-at-talla if you want to chat about it.
@robmay @jasondainter Pricing is a bit steep to be honest and the ones responsible for setting up these automated workflows are probably already working at the company so it's actually harder to justify the cost, not the other way around. That said, I think this is an immensely useful tool for certain teams. We use both Slack and HipChat for integration purposes, can the workflow be set up once and be shared across both platforms?
@davidsfeng @jasondainter That may be true for highly custom work, but, we have a few workflow templates and are cranking out more, so, a lot comes ready right out of the box. Also, as Talla gets smarter over time, new workflows can be suggested and automated that you may not even have thought of.
@davidsfeng @robmay @jasondainter Rob you are first to market with a product like this. I think up to 50 users is fair. But the next price point is hug jump. Typically your middle tier pricing plan is given value by the neighboring tiers. You also risk not gaining as many slack installs as possible before a competitor comes in and offers it a much more aggressive price.
I thought Talla was hunted a long time ago on PH? https://www.producthunt.com/post...
@sethlouey That was a different product. We now have 3 bots in the Slack app store.
@robmay but you only have 1 on botlist ;) Let's fix that. https://botlist.co/bots/960-talla
@sethlouey lol. Well, email Brooke Torres about that.