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How does this compare to Anchor? 27K followers on Twitter, one tweet - I wonder if thats a 'growth hack' that will pay off...
@bentossell exactly my thought.
@chrismessina @bentossell a lot of "eggs" in that follower list!
@bentossell haha -- yeah I suspect tom foolery runs their twitter account
@samir_doshi @bentossell @chrismessina @natelegler That was really a bad one!! Our marketing guy made a mistake, he is already fired now! Solved! A brand new official twitter account has been created, follow us on @talkzer
@bentossell Great question! On audio sharing Talkzer is similar to Anchor, but we have different goals. While Anchor is like a "mini-podcast" and a radio with open discussions, Talkzer is more like an audio social network with short audio clips up to 20 seconds on your timeline, for fast discussions and thoughts, like a Twitter with audio. Or even a Instagram with audio, because you can add photos to your posts too. At least that was my perception using Anchor for a while. What do you think? Have you used both apps?
Hello, Hunters! I am Bruno, Talkzer Founder. I am honored to be here to present Talkzer. The growth of podcasts and the increase of audios sending on Messenger and WhatsApp encouraged us to develop a new app which could help people communicate using their voices. And then Talkzer has been created and launched 3 weeks ago. Talkzer is a new way to talk to your friends and share your moments using your voice. You can easily share short audio clips on your timeline and even add a photo to make your friends and followers feel the real emotion of the moment. Comments with audios on posts are one exclusive feature available on Talkzer. We are really excited to present the app here on Product Hunt community and receive comments and feedbacks to help us always keep improving Talkzer. Talkzer Team will always be available here and on social media at @talkzer to any questions!
Great UI