Virtual assistant you chat with to get local recommendations

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Sounds a bit like Places from Path:
Or maybe Sosh Concierge:
Currently, IO is focused on providing restaurant recommendations. The app pulls in data from Yelp, The New York Times, The Infatuation, New York Magazine, Eater, Urban Spoon, Foursquare, Time Out and Tripadvisor. IO is designed to act like a cross between a concierge and that one friend you text all the time for the best food recommendations. The assistant learns your preferences and can provide photos of venues, menu options, and traffic and parking information. The app is also in the process of integrating with third-parties in order to make reservations.
What happens if those sources like NYT, TimeOut, etc. gate their content? Yelp struggles with clutter, foursquare doesn't have stellar content, where will the best content come from that makes the user confident in the answer?