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This is a great version of a great idea @sippey. It'll be even more exciting once groups get on board to talk about topics - this would be incredible for TV casts, group interviews/conversations, or just people who feel they're maybe kinda smart and funny (i.e., everyone). As is, it's already to the point where regular texting feels a little like a letdown once I get used to getting hearts for my texts. Well done!
Michael Sippey — Person of Interests
@bjnovak Thanks, BJ!
@bjnovak - BJ, are you an investor?
Casey Newton — Silicon Valley editor, The Verge
This is the coolest social product I've seen since Periscope. Already craving a desktop client. :D
Michael Sippey — Person of Interests
@caseynewton thank you so much!
Ryan Hoover — Founder, Product Hunt
@caseynewton I was thinking the same thing. Desktop typing so much faster than iPhone poking, especially important for those covering live events.
Casey Newton — Silicon Valley editor, The Verge
@rrhoover yeah, I can easily see this becoming a quick-and-dirty liveblogging tool. Existing options (ScribbleLive) are garbage
D. Frank White — Founder @ The Players Guide
@caseynewton interacting with live TV programming with your smartphone is definitely the new wave. We've done something similar with the players guide where you can live tweet team sports events using Twitter as the messenger get service. Search "players guide" here in product hunt.
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