Live-streaming social selling platform

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Ben Parr
Co-founder and CMO, Octane AI
Talkshoplive is founded by Bryan and Tina, two people with a lot of experience in entertainment and commerce. They're building a new way to buy, and they've recruited influencers and celebs like Megan Nicole and Ricki Lake to help. I'm really excited to see where this goes. Congrats, y'all!
I love TalkShop.Live. I've used it twice and had great response. It's a way for anyone to have their own home shopping channel. And showcasing your wares alongside legit celebs, that's not bad either! :)
Andrew CurryVP of Digital Strategy, TYR Digital
I actually just tried playing around on this platform and think it's a refreshing addition to the marketplace landscape. We don't need another static and lifeless sellers platform, plenty of those out there, this is like QVC/HSN but online rather than your TV. The types of people/users vary from celebs, brands, Etsy sellers, eBay users, mommy bloggers, & everyone else that has a product they need to sell. I see some major potential here and can't wait to see where this project/product goes.