Helps People with Speech Disabilities Speak Freely

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What an awesome project! Just donated to Talkitt's crowdfunding campaign. Maybe the best dollars spent this month.
@tobiaft I'm going to do the same. What a great cause.
first product hunt to bring a tear to my eye
@ptrwtts It's extremely emotional, we get tons of emails everyday from people who are so excited to use our product. Speech is a basic need and we hope at least this brings awareness to the fact that so many struggle daily with communication,.
this is insane - how does this work?
@eriktorenberg Our technology is not standard speech technology. Our solution is able to recognize unintelligible speech from mild to severe due to pattern matching technology, so it isn't language dependent, but speaker dependent. The user has his/her own personalized dictionary that the app refers to in real time.
As a stutterer I got pretty excited for a moment, but then clicked through and saw it's not applicable to stutterers, though makes sense considering how the app works. The best stuttering device aid out there is, but IMO it's intrusive and requires too much effort to really work. Not to mention the diminishing efficacy rates over time. Fortunately, I'm able to overcome it most of the time and appear mostly fluent, but I know many stutterers, my brother included, where that's not really an option. Would be curious to hear what Talkitt thinks about this.
@ashyboy Asher, we understand completely the need for improved communication for stutterers and are currently doing technological research into how we can adjust our algorithms in order to recogize these unique speech patterns. It won't be in our first version, but in later versions we hope to implement this. Feel free to shoot me an email with any questions
Hi Everyone. Thanks so much for the support! I'm Jessica, Voiceitt's marketing manager, and I can tell you we crazy excited to bring this product to market and change how millions communicate. Every little bit helps, and we need your help in sharing our campaign. Thanks again.