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Karim BalaaMaker@freshcontrast · UI/UX & Product Designer
Hey! I'm Karim Balaa, I am the founder of Talking With The Pros. The idea behind TWTP is pretty simple: Have a quick Q and A with super talented creative people from all around, read a little of their back story and hopefully pick up a few tips and words of inspiration along the way as we admire their work. A huge thanks to all the contributing designers/artists that are on the site and to Product Hunt for listing the site! Thanks! Karim.
Randy Ksar@djksar · I find cool things
@freshcontrast took a look at the site and great content. curious what the end goal of the site is. purely an ad play?
Karim BalaaMaker@freshcontrast · UI/UX & Product Designer
@djksar Thanks Randy! I think ads is definitely the main path however I want to keep them as least intrusive to the content as possible. I think I will need to re-arrange a few things in the design/layout to support better ad placement. At the moment I am focusing on just creating some buzz by getting quality interviews with awesome people and driving some traction to the site. Possibly in the future going into video interviews with sponsors would be another path that could be interesting.
Hussein Yahfoufi@husseinyahfoufi · Family and Tech.
love it! I think we may actually be able to work together on something.. mind if I DM you an idea?
Karim BalaaMaker@freshcontrast · UI/UX & Product Designer
@husseinyahfoufi Awesome, yeah please do!
@freshcontrast Hi Karim, looks great! How do you conduct your interviews (email, Skype, chat, personal) and what are your thoughts on that?
Karim BalaaMaker@freshcontrast · UI/UX & Product Designer
@jonastwt Thanks Jonas! Usually either with email or I'll setup a questionnaire with Google Forms this way they can respond at their own time.