Live Twitter townhalls

Talkin enables in-stream video chat with users from any location. Think of virtual Townhalls on Twitter, that can be conducted from anywhere in the world, with users in a block or globally, or in between.

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Hi Guys - Appreciate feedback from PH community on Talkin, live Twitter Townhall app. We developed this on top of our live video CDN that can deliver video to any user under 1 second latency. Talkin addresses the issue of connecting a host live with users from a specific geofenced region, and ensure 100% abuse-free video to video interaction between host and users.
Tried installing the app. It failed. I will retry. Try adding FAQ in your website.
@g_moorthy Sorry to hear. Was it Android or iOS ?
How is it different from periscope ?
@shakks Talkin is Geo-Fenced "faceTime" broadcast with abuse prevention built in. Built on top of a live video CDN that can deliver video at under 500 ms latency to any user.
Wow, this look great. What do you think users will use it for the most?
@tsunaze Journalists can use it for source video from users in a specific geolocation. Politicians can use it for conducting abuse free live video Townhalls with their constituents. Any one can have a live video chat with folks from any region on the planet.
Hi @srini_dharmaji, congratulations on the launch. I'm not sure I'm getting it 100%: how do you prevente abuse?
@marcbc When a host interacts with a user, all others who are watching are time shifted by 7 seconds. Host has Disconnect and Block User control on the screen, and if user gets abusive, can just Block User. We deem it as a signal for bad content, and delete that interaction before seen by any other user. All users are brought back into live broadcast, and the host continues with next user.