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Drag and drop bot builders are becoming pretty popular now - and there are a few cos in this space. What differentiates this? I use Chatfuel and find it easy to do anything I'd want to do - but I'm only one use-case. I do think there is an opportunity in offering "Bot Templates" for people to use - WordPress for bots
@bentossell What an idea! It can help users in basic troubleshooting problems and that sort of stuff
@bentossell Coming soon, by year's end... :)
@bentossell I didn't know that! Is there a collection? (Want to kick one off??)
Carlos here, Founder of Talkbot. Thank you for posting Talkbot in here, I was going to do it in a few weeks hehe. We are still on a really early Beta stage, hoping to delete the word Beta soon. Our main goal is to let anyone with or without coding skills built bots, with pure drag and drop, that can interact with data, and not just flows like: – Thank you – Your welcome. We want to achieve this with smart "black-boxes" that interconnect with other "black-boxes" thru wires that share actions and variables. In the most simple way possible. Also, if you are a coder we have a coding section where you can add your own JavaScript so you have your own "black-box". Releasing soon a "github" area where people can make their own "black-boxes" available to anyone. Today the platform is really simple and features are limited, but is getting steroids soon. Analytics is also something Talkbot is working on. Answering @bentossell about templates: Templates are going to be a thing, users will be able to "mix" templates and have their full-bot working within clicks. Just double click the template and edit how the messages are said, maybe you want to say "Grrrrrr. I want that cake", instead of "Add to cart", or maybe you want to add an extra message in between messages. All just by pure drag and drop. We are releasing the version 0.1 of the documentation within the next days so you don't get lost in the beta. I invite you to try the Beta, there's still a lot of work to do. Feedback is appreciated! Let me know if you have any questions, I'll be happy to answer them.
@cabada @bentossell Excited to see this come out of Beta! One piece of feedback: It looks like managing my Facebook Pages and sending messages as my Pages is required. That's a non-starter for me.
@staringispolite We'll be adding a no-facebook signup. We decided to make it like this for the Beta because is for Facebook Messenger only right now. These permissions for managing Facebook Pages and sending messages as a Facebook page are needed for the builder to "install" the bot on the Facebook page. I'll make a new post here when this comes out of Beta.
@cabada Ahh gotcha! Weird that Facebook doesn't split those permissions out 🤔 If it's a one-time "install" I could enable then go into settings and revoke. Is that good enough? I'm not ideologically opposed to FB auth, but there are corporate Pages that would grant access to, which is too much for a side project
Really want to try this but after I sign up it just redirects to the homepage
@dannyoutlaw Weird. Are you allowing all Facebook permissions that are being asked?
What is your differentiation to other easy to setup bot platform?
Seems like none of the buttons to launch the builder work in Safari Technology Preview 19.
@chrismessina Thanks for the report, will check that!
@chrismessina Can you tell what error is being logged in the console or network? I just download the Safari Technology Preview 19 and it worked perfectly.