call and text over WiFi without using cell minutes

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anything different here from the gazillions VOIP apps out there?
@ourielohayon I think the main bit is that it calls actual phones. The receiver doesn't also have to be using the app
@_jacksmith like skype out / viber out you mean?
@ourielohayon yeah. Except free apparently. Skype out is pretty expensive
@_jacksmith calling a landline or mobile is normally never free. from their app store page "You get free outbound minutes every month. If you run out of your free outbound minutes you can easily purchase additional minutes for a very low price."
I'm a US expat living overseas, and the this iPhone app is by far the easiest and cheapest way to make US calls. It gives you a US number, uses data/wifi to make calls, all texts and incoming calls are free, and outgoing calls only cost 1 dollar per hour. Definitely recommend it for anyone who travels frequently / makes lots of international calls.