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Really in love with this execution – the interviews feel real (and I assure you, they are – thanks for having me Gabe!). I'm excited to see what next iterations will be like :D
Was a little confused when I went to the site, seemed like an open Facebook Messenger chat page where people respond with tweets... found the info: Talk Turkey is an attempt to have authentic conversations in public. Gabriel Valdivia interviews people over instant message and posts the conversations insitu on this site Tell us what the goal is with this :) How do people jump into the chats, do you have to initiate the conversation?
@bentossell so, can anybody join? Looks like a continuous AMA :-)
@bentossell these are conversations I've had with friends and shared them on the site. Right now the only way to "join" is to have a chat with me about something interesting. The goal is to kick-start these types of conversations online or with the people you care about. I also wanted to see how much of our own "messaging app" @charliedeets and I could build from scratch 😉
This is the 3rd service I've seen in the past ~month hosting public text-based conversations. Talkshow and Public (cc @jacksondahl) are a few others. While it's not the largest data point, I wonder where the sudden interest is coming from.
@rrhoover @jacksondahl In this case, this not a service. This is a format for hosting curated interviews, more like a podcast. I'll let @gabrielvaldivia explain his thinking behind doing it this way, but he felt the format could help him get more informal and honest conversations out of the interviewees and allow the reader to feel part of the conversation. I do agree, there is a sudden interest in this idea though!
@charliedeets @jacksondahl @gabrielvaldivia I meant "service" in the general sense.
@rrhoover @jacksondahl @gabrielvaldivia cool, just didn't want anyone to feel confused this is a real product. I just woke up ha.
@rrhoover yeah I really wanted this to feel a little voyeuristic --as if the reader got a hold of my phone and opened a messaging app to find these conversations. The idea is to talk about these topics in a way that is accessible and familiar so that the content can shine through
But it *could* be a real service, at least in the sense that other people could use your tools to emulate Gabriel's talkturkey @charliedeets @rrhoover @jacksondahl @gabrielvaldivia
I was skeptical at first. But I love this format! Does feel very personal. I found myself caught up in reading... for a long time. 😀 When first visiting I think it could be clearer about what's happening, who's being interviewed, who's interviewing. Definitely lots of potential. Will be cool to see more interviews :)
@mscccc Thanks Mike! I agree about the first visit experience.
Love the idea! Well done guys.