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I've been a long time user of TalkTo. Path just announced its acquisition and release of Talk. Yo, @davemorin! Congrats. :)
was about to post it- damn you @rrhoover
Thanks @mulligan really appreciate it. Our thought was that the places in your life are deeply intertwined with your personal relationships. After work, you head out to dinner with family and friends, being able to get a reservation quickly in real time just like sending a text seemed like it would save people time and give that time to hanging out in person.
This is absolutely amazing. TalkTo integration will be super interesting going forward. The quick reply use-cases are brilliant. Well polished. This is how you communicate a product update.
@adamevers we agree. We think the intersection of messaging and commerce is a huge opportunity, and mostly dark to the Internet right now. We do plan on providing a variety of interesting APIs here as well.