Write stories with your friends, taking turns like a game!

Hi everyone, first time posting one of my projects in Product Hunt! I made Taleship from scratch as a side project, as a fun way to modernize writing and make it a social, fun experience. I love describing it as a blank canvas; a place where people use the turns dynamic to make great creations with text. Poetry, short stories, songs, you name it. I really hope you enjoy Taleship and make it your own space. I'm really looking forward to your feedback! - Sergio Mattei
Hi, nice idea, but I'd like to start writing the story and it seems I won't be able to do so until someone joins my story. Am I missing something?
@davide_bottino Yes, you're right and I fully agree that it's a bad UX choice. It's currently being fixed for the next update. I was already rewiring it for invite-less writing, using initial turns. I'll notify you when the update releases, should be very soon. :)
@ftxrc thanks, looking forward for it
@davide_bottino Just shipped it last night. You now have initial turns. :)
This sounds really fun! I have two questions: 1 - I've created a story and added a friend, I don't see an option for adding another friend. Is this possible? 2 - Deleting stories? I was just testing functionality and I can't change the title either :( Thanks!
@ksfatima 1. Whoops, UX issue haha. The same invite link should work, but I'll definitely add that for the next update. 2. Also coming on the next update :P I'll tell you when it's ready. Thanks for the feedback!
@ftxrc Thank you for the quick responses. Love it so far and looking forward to seeing the updates :)
@ksfatima Hi! A bit late, but this has been fixed in the latest update which also includes a slew of usability updates. Go check it out! If you need anyone to write with, don't hesitate to add me.