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Hi everybody: First off, I'm super excited that the Product Hunt community likes what we're up to, and we'd love all the feedback you're willing to give. We very much want to differentiate Tales Untold from kids audiobooks by making it more of a living thing, like podcasts. That means serialized stories that are ongoing and continue to develop over time. But that also means responding to our listeners interests and input. So if there's anything you'd like your kids to hear–themes, topic areas, characters, anything–just let us know. https://talesuntold.com/about/co... I'm also excited to explain more about what we're up to, but it's morning here in CA and I have to take my son to school :) I'll be back on in a bit to blabber on some more. Cheers, Nick
My kids love going to bed listening to stories. Love the idea of serial podcasts designed with this use case in mind!
@chrismessina totally love this. Wish it was optimized for ipad though.
@chrismessina Awesome, glad your kids like our tales, Chris. We'll be adding more tales (and more seasons) very soon.
Hi @saadshamim. The app is optimized for iPad, in so much as the images are optimized for iPad display. Are you running into issues with that, or do you mean you'd prefer an iPad-specific experience? Cheers, Nick.
Thanks again everybody for checking us out today. I thought it might be worthwhile to give a brief explanation of what we’re trying to do with Tales Untold. I launched Tales Untold Media after coming to three main realizations: 1. Most contented for little kids is some combination of overwhelming, uninspired, or plain old insipid. I figured that if we developed a platform featuring kids entertainment that respects the intelligence of all our listeners–kids and parents–there would be a welcoming audience for that. 2. Listening is good for kids. There are new studies showing that listening–rather than watching a video or engaging with a visual-focused app–improves language skills and develops the brain in some unique ways. (Hit me up if you're interested in that info. Really interesting stuff.) So even if the content is primarily entertainment, they’re still learning and benefiting from it. 3. Adults love podcasts; why not kids? Today’s young children don’t share the same experience their parents and grandparents had with radio. This is an opportunity to delight them with an experience that actively engages their imagination. And serializing the storytelling means that the characters can grow and develop along with our audience. Anyway, we’re just getting started and each of our tales is finding its voice. But hopefully we’re on the right track. Please take a listen and let us know your thoughts. Thanks again, Nick
I really like this idea! Will you guys be expanding to a pre teen demographic or kids between 8-12? I have a younger brother at age 9, although he likes to be cute and silly, I am not sure if some of these stories will hook his interest. Keep up the great work, I will be waiting for the android version!
@diligentdil Thanks for the kind words, Dilyar. Yep, our initial stories are targeted at younger kids, but we'll be expanding to include older ages soon.
@nvidinsky I really like the app - I'll try it out with my son tomorrow. The app is designed really well and one of my favorite 'features' is the lack of in your face ads that seem to be so prevalent in kids apps. One thing I noticed was I kept trying to use the bar at the bottom to track through the story rather than using the 30 second jump buttons. It was just a minor thing but I feel like I'm conditioned to try to use the track bar. Keep up the great work.
@front9tech Really glad you like it, Scott. A freemium model, rather than a free/ad-based revenue model, seemed like a no-brainer to me. Hopefully there are more parents who would gladly spend a couple bucks on quality content and not have to deal with companies marketing toward their kids. And great feedback on the audio player. We tried to find a balance between practicality and simplification for use by kids, so we kept controls to the bare minimum. But it'll be interesting to see whether kids do, in fact, often use the app directly, or if parents end up using the controls the vast majority of the time.