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Hi Product Hunt! I'm Nick - I helped develop Talera. To give a little context, our parent company was growing fast, and we were spending a lot of time wrestling with our recruiting system and doing repetitive tasks like looking up LinkedIn or GitHub profiles. We wanted to respond to applicants as quickly as possible and save our hiring time to spend with the folks we thought would be a good fit, so we built Talera as an internal tool to help us review applications comprehensively and efficiently. Talera made the hiring process so much easier, we wanted to share it with other people who are hiring! So we cleaned it up, and tried to make it as intuitive and beautiful as possible. We'd love to know how we did - I'd appreciate any feedback from y'alls!
@nickchow Hey Nick. Congratulations on launching your app. I'm curious about the technology used in your app. I know it may be propriety technology, but would you be able to give me some context as to what facet of AI your technology is using (Neural Networks, Genetic Algorithms, etc...). I'm curious as to what folks in the AI industry are using nowadays.
@_guled_ Thanks for the question! Without getting into too much detail, we've been looking at standard ML clustering methods - we've found nearest neighbour techniques to be most fruitful so far. For extracting features from text we use Natural Language Processing techniques. We're pretty excited about what applications more usage and feedback will unearth - stay tuned!
What does the AI do, run criteria against your filters and prompt automated responses? How does it understand subjective information? Or does the recruiter have to read each submission and make an active decision?
@rueter Great questions! We made a very deliberate decision when designing Talera to use AI to augment human decision making, not replace it. In things people related, there will almost always be a place for a human element (especially something as serious as a future career!) But there are ways we can make the decision making process easier for the recruiter. Our AI takes care of the more repetitive tasks, like parsing their emails, looking up their LinkedIn or GitHub profiles, finding their name, and sending regrets or introduction emails. This allows the person reviewing applications to fully focus on making good decisions.
This looks really cool. Startups often can't afford to hire a specific person to do HR and anything that can help them hire faster and more affordably is awesome.
Thanks, @kvisner - those folks are exactly the ones we had in mind when we were building Talera!
cool thing is this will close all loops and make sure no one is left hanging in the application process --- like it!
@nickchow beautiful app and very smooth to use! One question I have is you mentioned the pain of looking up LinkedIn or Girhub profiles. Is that a feature you plan on building into the app? I was not able to see this feature function when I tried the app. Thank you very much!