Beautiful expense tracker app for iPhone

You don't need to have a complicated diary to manage your money. It only stresses that you have to keep your balance straight every time. To manage your money well, manage your spending. All you have to do is make a budget, enter your spending, and that's it. Taler is a simplified money manager that keeps track of budgets and expenses.

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Key features - Build your budget in five selected colors. - Use a large number of currencies around the world. - Record your expenses by simply pressing the numeric keypad. Select a date and marker if necessary. - Transfer balance between budgets. - Archive your budgets. Do not need to delete it. Other features - 3 budget types(monthly, weekly, one-off) - Rollover to next period - “All budgets” budget - Group by marker or period - 24 markers - Balance/Spent toggle switch
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Wanted to try it, but the price is a bit steep. I already use Money Pro so can’t really justify the expense. Good luck!
This looks a lot like what I want in a budget app, but It’s hard to justify price when there are others that do more
Really helps me maintain my budget. Now i can spend as well as save money with such tracking. Nice idea
This is like Spendee on diapers