Product Hunt for discovering talented performers

#5 Product of the DayJune 07, 2015
I really like the idea behind this. I'm not big into music, but I think the world needs a good way for discovering real, emerging talent, that goes a bit beyond "Recommended for you" on youtube.
@rossdcurrie Agreed if you know anyone talented bring them to our stage.
Pretty cool idea. Just launched, so currently only has posts from the founder; but the site is showcasing emerging violinists; comedians; beatboxers; singers and more. I think this is the sort of thing that I'd be interested to use, as I always like discovering emerging music artists.
@_jacksmith agree. We do exactly the same on FollowHunt.com but for any content makers including audio, video, text, design, photo, etc
@_jacksmith Agreed. I'd be interested to see how it scales further down the road.
@_jacksmith Thanks so much glad to have you as part of the show!
@diserkin @_jacksmith I was happy to see follow hunt while I was building talenthsow I think the idea of discovering people is really cool!
@danoliverlandy @_jacksmith yep, cool but hard to implement :) too much work.
This is awesome - emerging comedians, performers, and artists face the same problems we do. If no one has heard of you, no one will check out your stuff. If no one checks out your stuff, no one will hear of you!
@__________dylan Exactly and thanks!
Product Hunt and I have a funny relationship. In January of 2014, as a freshman at Babson college I loved discussing new products with friends. I wondered why there hadn't been a site where everyone could post and discuss products. I grew really attached to the idea. Learned how to code because of it. I hadn't heard of Product Hunt then as I'm sure many had not. Anyways I went to build this site with a friend and launched it in November of 2014 called Upveil. Through building that I discovered Product Hunt. I started checking religiously on Product Hunt to see what our "competition" was up to. Oddly enough I slowly became in love with the service and hooked to it. I listened to all the Product Hunt radio podcasts. (I hope there will seriously be a podcast with @mahbodmoghadam). It also changed me as a developer/ aspiring entrepreneur. I read books like Hooked and followed smart people I never would have known about. Product Hunt had executed way better than I did and Upveil was fun but didn't need to exist anymore. So while I was once upset at Product Hunts existence, I'm so happy the vision of community product discovery is a reality and so happy I became a hooked user 😋. Another funny part to the story is when Chatroulette was popular, in highschool I always liked to freestyle and wanted to create something called raproulette. @eriktorenberg came out with rapt.fm before I ever could hahahaa. I'd love to be on a podcast freestyling with t-berg 😆. Talentshow came as a result out of what I love and think has a lot of progress ahead of itself on the internet: Discovery. While viewing Product Hunt, I thought talented upcoming artists and performers were a lot like new unique products no one had ever heard about. Where do they get discovered? So many famous artists and performers were already discovered on the internet I figured there should be a centralized place or a pipeline for this discovery. The additional beauty about talentshow is everyone loves to be entertained. While you might not want to adopt a product every day, I'm sure you will love to discover someone talented and its very little work for the user. For the future (if we can build a committed community first), I think we will have sections so you can discover up and coming athletes, designers, developers, marketers, politicians, and other types of interesting people to discover. There are talented people all over the world it's time they get discovered!
I am imagining talentshow, to discover not only talent performers but also to discover up coming shows in your city.
@mbalkini Thanks for the idea maybe we will include it.