Recruitment platform for fast searching IT candidates

Search is made simultaneously on one page by: LinkedIn, GitHub, Stack Overflow, TurboHiring, job boards and the applicants base of your company. Using ATS you can manage vacancies and candidates. Unique algorithm of ranking candidates by professional skills helps to find the best candidates.

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Hi, PH! I'm the CEO of TalentScan.Pro. Recruiting is a quite long and energy-intensive process. To find the right specialist, you have to work simultaneously in several dozen browser windows. This makes the search more complicated and the closure rate of the vacancy decreases significantly. How can we optimize this process? How to make those who need personnel and those who are looking for work find each other faster? About four years ago we worked with an outstaffing agency which looked for IT specialists for remote projects. We had a task to find candidates quickly and fix all contacts of recruiters, office-seekers, to close actual vacancies faster in the future. So, through personal experience we came up with an idea of ​​creating our own Talent Management Tool. One convenient and functional service for IT recruiting. TalentScan.pro is a full-cycle recruitment platform. It is designed to find and interact IT recruiters and job seekers, minimize time for closing vacancies and improve an efficiency of teamwork. The built-in complex of useful tools that is used by various services, but separately, provides the platform with wide range of opportunities. Here you can search and store, calculate, constantly update your database and conduct a selection of candidates. The selection of personnel is carried out with the help of Search Console simultaneously on several sources: LinkedIn, GitHub, StackOverflow, TurboHiring, Job boards and database of applicants of your company. You include the necessary filters to determine the criteria of the employee, search the skills and keywords, then send a personalized notification to the candidate or add him/her to the Long list. All these occurs on the one page. Also available Chrome Plugin that shows all obtainable candidate contacts on its LinkedIn page, regardless of the level of your connection. Would love to hear your thoughts!
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Wow! That's awesome! Can I extract emails via your Platform?
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@ilya_azovtsev Hi Ilya. Thank you for the question. Sending notifications occurs through the platform but with your email.
Awesome! Do you have any fees on your platform?
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@andrew_alexeyenko Hello Andrew. Thank you for question. We have a monthly subscription for recruiters and companies. You can choose one which meets your requirements
Good luck with the launch!
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@lisadziuba Thank you Lisa ;)

We are working with my hiring team on this system. And we have the opportunity to work with each vacancy together. This is clearly a good advantage.


Good support.

The best thing I using is commenting on candidates profiles in LinkedIn.

Cool search console - searching from 7 sources.


There is no ability to download reports from dashboard

Thanks for your review.