Practice your coding skills in 14 programming languages

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Hello ladies & gents! I'm one of the co-founders. Happy to take any questions about Talentbuddy here. You can also shoot us an email (team@talentbuddy.co) with any questions or feedback that you might have. Thanks! Quick background on Talentbuddy: Talentbuddy started as a platform to practice for tech interviews at companies like Google, Facebook & Twitter. We built it after noticing that over 70% of the people that go through technical interviews fail. We observed this while helping Twitter, HubSpot, Oracle, Ooyala, oDesk and other companies to screen over 15,000 engineers with Talentguide (www.talentguide.co) - another product of ours. Over time Talentbuddy became a place where tens of thousands of programmers come to enjoy problem solving in their free time, perfect their algorithms and data structures knowledge or learning a new programming language through problem solving. The product is also used as a teaching resource in Computer Science classes in universities across the world. In May 2014 we also started offering 3-month web app development mentorship programs for Talentbuddy users and other people too. http://www.talentbuddy.co/mentor.... Students can learn to build web applications under the guidance of ex-Google / Youtube engineers.