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Talentboard sends your CV to 300+ companies for FREE. I love free stuff. Also, employers can find remote workers by visiting this page: http://talentboard.me. P.S. Added to The Startup Job Hunt: http://www.producthunt.com/@v4vi...
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@v4violetta Thank you so much!
@v4violetta great business model
@simooncave Thank you. But at this stage, of a good business model to speak early. But we're working on it.
My name is Artem. I’m the founder of remote work search service Talentboard.me Last time we introduced interface for employers which allows for subscription to receive CVs of specialists seeking remote work. Over 300 companies subscribed to our service after that. Today we launch candidate interface, which allows any specialist to mail their CV to the listed companies free of charge. How it works Fill in the form and attach your CV We mail your CV to the listed companies. Track mailing efficiency status from your account page and get feedback from employers. How the mailing efficiency is calculated Our algorithm takes into account the number of downloads and views of your CV. Employers can also rate CVs according to a 5-point scale. You end up with good feedback. If you think that mailing efficiency isn’t high enough, you can alter your CV and see how employers react to the changes. Thank you. And good luck with finding a new job.
@g___a Good stuff - do you have plans to charge companies on hire? ps: we should talk - would love to collaborate. I run springrole.com
@g___a this looks very promising. Hope to find some great remote work from this!
@kar2905 Yes . We are always happy to cooperate . Please contact me: gladkikh.art@yandex.ru
@arasheedphoto Thank you . We also hope that our service will help you)
Great product ! Especially when you are looking for remote job at the moment :)
@billey_b Thank you ! I hope we can help you )
@g___a I really like the idea, was looking for something like this too :) Are the CVs sent to companies or recruiters?
@saadshamim All CVs are sent to companies. But some are selected)
Amazing idea! And just on time for me since i'm going back on freelancing. Good job! :)
@chryssa Thank you! Hope, you will find a good job )