Talent Hero

A blueprint of your character traits and talents

Five Element methodology has been used to reveal character traits and talents for thousands of years by Chinese emperors, while nowadays is becoming increasingly popular in the western world.

Talent Hero, with help of top Chinese Five Elements experts, is leading the way in deciphering this ancient knowledge, putting it in practical, every day use


  • Cristian MoiseiProduct Designer

    I cannot think of any pros, other than to confuse gullible people.


    I don't think this should be trusted by anyone, let alone recruiters.

    Here's an example of what these people are selling:

    'Steve Jobs is born on a Yang Fire day, therefore Yang Fire is his Master Element. In this analysis, we will refer to it as ME'

    A quick google search for what 'yang fire' is reveals:

    The only right way to describe Yang Fire people is as the The Sun and The Sunlight. It’s the only element which is not on the planet Earth and it’s the most important of all, because the The Sun gives us light, energy and wisdom.

  • Fiona McloughlinFuture Lifestyle Designer

    Talent Hero is not a psychological test it follows natural patterns and elements to identify key Talents. Mine was totally mind blowing thx


    Really take a consultation to get the most from it. More $. I got Dynamic Talents, loads of info, charts, graphs + a chat. I need more time

    It's a great new way of looking at a personality and it's revealing..I found the descriptions rang true and were easy to follow but I had to check a few points in the chat session. Will most likely digest a but more and come back for the 30mins!


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Johny MiricMaker@johnyqi · Founder of Mind Hero & Talent Hero
Hi everybody, I'm very proud to introduce Talent Hero, a unique talent discovery service. I've been researching Chinese Five Element methodology for almost 15 years, I was blown away with accuracy which this method provides. At the same time, I was frustrated because this incredible knowledge was so badly organized, scattered between hundreds of obscure websites and documents, riddled with Chinese symbols and strange-sounding terminology. Last 5 years I dedicate my self to put some sense into it and introduce this knowledge to the western people in more organized, stylish way. The result is Talent Hero, still work in progress, but please check our examples, we have Jobs, Zuckerberg, Beyonce and even Trump, it will show you the depth and accuracy of this knowledge. If you have any questions, I'm more than happy to further clarify how it works.
Emily HodginsPro@ems_hodge · Community and Marketing, Product Hunt
@johnyqi hi Johny! Is each analysis completely unique? For example do you need to chat with each individual person to deliver the report, or is there an online form to fill out that provides results based on the answers?
Johny MiricMaker@johnyqi · Founder of Mind Hero & Talent Hero
@ems_hodge Each analysis is completely unique. We offer 15 minutes consultation before we create analysis just to get a better understanding of the person's expectations so that we can focus on things which are important to them. The five element method offers over 20 million chart variations, we use software to generate the values, but we manually read and interpret those values.
Emily HodginsPro@ems_hodge · Community and Marketing, Product Hunt
@johnyqi ah I see. Very interesting. Would be cool if there was a light teaser option that allowed you to enter some points on a form for an automatic and free analysis of your character. This certainly would not be as extensive (or likely accurate and helpful) as the in person analysis but a fun way for people to get involved with less money and time commitment. Wonder if something like that would be a possible addition?
Johny MiricMaker@johnyqi · Founder of Mind Hero & Talent Hero
@ems_hodge we do plan to offer fully automated Character Components analysis (currently 29 Euros) for free. The algorithm to measure the strength of five elements is quite complex but we are working on it.
Emily HodginsPro@ems_hodge · Community and Marketing, Product Hunt
@johnyqi 👍🏻
Johny MiricMaker@johnyqi · Founder of Mind Hero & Talent Hero
Some additional clarification about the method. The whole system is based on natural elements and its cycles. Like for example, a flower (as a wood element) needs earth and water, and a bit of sun (fire) to grow properly. If flower grows under extreme heat without any water, it will not survive very long. Humans are inseparable from nature and we follow the same laws. Ancient Chinese observed nature and figured out the energy fields around us, which they connect with five elements on earth. Our moment of birth is the time when, for the first time, we access directly the energy field and nature around us, therefore this moment determines a big part of our character. The method itself is used for thousands of years and has been refined and adapted for the modern times. Many business people use this method to make business decisions and create partnerships, but most of them keep it as a business secret, that's why there is very little information available online.
Sidian M.S. Jones@sidianmsjones · Alchemyst Vaping Mysts
Neat ideas but I don't understand the significance of birth dates.
Johny MiricMaker@johnyqi · Founder of Mind Hero & Talent Hero
@sidianmsjones We use the birthdate to calculate a chart, 8 symbols which contain packages of elements, two for an hour of birth, two for a day, two for a month and two for a year. We developed an algorithm which generates the strength of each element and shows us special connections between them, all according to old Chinese knowledge called BaZi, developed thousands of years ago. From these values, one can write a small novel about every single chart, that's how much information it contains. The example analysis which we provide on our website is just a glimpse, it can go much deeper, analyzing many aspects, from health, wealth, career, relationships...