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Thanks @blaurenceclark ! Hello Friends, Maker of Talehunt here. Shoot your questions if you have any. Start reading tiny tales from your mobile, a new platform for very short story lovers. TaleHunt is a very short story mobile app, an app where aspiring writers can write stories in 250 characters. The app helps upcoming writers to showcase their creativity and build audience.
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Thank you @blaurenceclark for hunting @talehuntapp
Interesting - cool micro stories :)
@dhanan Love to read your interesting short stories on TaleHunt. Stories which you have in your mind to build your games. :D
This is brilliant. Between 2010 to 2012, I ran a college start-up named thewittyshit.com which crowdsourced witty one-liners. Got great traction and eventually exited prematurely, because of some personal reasons. TaleHunt could be quite promising, becoming something like Behance for content. Could be a handy tool for HR managers looking to hire/reach out creative writers. An out of the blue suggestion: Focus on more of the witty tales, if possible, because it makes for an interesting read (thus virality) and also allows smartphone users to showcase their smartness.
@harshsnehanshu That's a cool suggestion Harsh. Witty tales & smartness from smartphone users. We got early stage traction and our users are recurring users. I was not able to find more details about thewittyshit.com (only FB page). I would like to more about the same.
@aby002 Sure. Here's a newspaper feature about us: http://www.dnaindia.com/money/re... I even wrote a book about the start-up failure: www.bit.ly/BSHAmazon
@aby002 When did this app go live, if I may ask?
@harshsnehanshu Yep. I was reading your article in YourStory too. Which is the best way I can chat with you more regarding the same? FB or Twitter DM??
@aby002 Email me at harsh at whereabout dot in.
Been playing with it for a short while, most of them seem to be writing about love and loss. Is it just me? or is there really a trend here? would love to hear some usage insights if it could be made public?
@dhanan Most of the female writers, write about love, romance and relationship. And male writers write about horror, war, soldier/warrior stories. This is the current Trend.
@dhanan Feel Free to ask more questions if you have any.