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Understand your client and kick-off your new project!


Understand your client and kick-off your new project in an interactive and collaborative way. Use interactive UX method templates: interviews, problem valuations, competition analysis or even user flows. Collaborate with your clients and team members!

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Humanizing User Experience

Wait for this product for a long time, Its super intuitive to use, and UI looks clear. I love the way Tale book handle all the complex flow, through visual and Micro-interactive feedbacks.


1. Super intuitive to use

2. Visual and Micro-interactive feedbacks.


Nothing for now

Thank you very much for your feedback Johny! Can't wait for some review how Talebook works in your typical workday, cheers!
empirical guy

Great for software houses and freelancers!


Commoditizing the design process


Just one exploratory project

Thanks for your review Kacper! Interesting idea about having more than one exploratory project :)

This is an awesome product. It might become one of my everyday too.l


Makes everything easier. The UI is a pleasure to use.


No free plan.

Glad to hear that Camille! Thanks!
There is a not to neglect difference between the marketing materials and the features of the software. Competitor analysis for example is much more simpler and different to the illustrations of the website. I did some personas, wanted to create an UX Interview, but finally I also was remembered about pricing. For me a no-go that there is no pricing page at header menu or footer menu… You register, do know nothing about pricing and near to the end of the test subscription (which is also very hided) you even cant open the pricing page that the transactional mail is linking. Sorry, but there is so much UX going wrong that I cannot accept to work with as UX Designer, especially it the tool aims to help UX people like me.
Digital Product Designer
Product is unstable, it crashes all the time, we got it for a project and paid the subscription. Clients complained that the app constantly crashed and that they could not access the content. Once the project ended we tried to cancel the subscription. It seems there is now way to do so, which is a complete scam. Worse... we keep receiving emails from mike@talebook.io but when we try to contact him asking to close our account, the email bounces back.
Guys it's not working anymore. Am I missing something