Create short stories with friends, one sentence at a time

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Hi everyone :) Im beynond thrilled to present TaleAStory. TaleAStory can best be described as a word game, made for storytellers. At it’s core, it is a tool made for those who like to express and explore their imagination and creativity through words. The app gives you and your friends the power to write short stories together, starting with “once upon a time”. Each author can write up to 160 characters per move and witness the story unfold. Such a story could be about Seal Team 6 travelling back in time to fight the Roman Empire or about Space-Vikings trying to rescue their home planet from a hostile Pokemon invasion. It’s your story, you decide where your adventure will take you. The only limit is your imagination. After the story is completed, you can publish and share it with your friends and the world. Exciting isn’t it :) ---------------------- Through stories we convey meaning, wisdom and knowledge across generations. It is a medium through which we entertain ourselves. We use it as a form of expression, education and art. Telling stories is an inherent social quality that every human shares. It is in our DNA. We believe that everyone has a story to tell. With TaleAStory we want to make the process of creating stories as easy, fun and engaging as the tales themselves. By doing so we hope to persuade even the most reluctant writers to come and share their creative stories with the world. We can’t wait to read all the original, crazy and exciting stories that people will come up with, together! :) ---------------------- If you have any questions, let me know in the comments or send me a message to hello@taleastory.co
Very interesting concept and idea. Good luck!
This is great! I used to play this with my students when I was teaching ELL. This would be a great resource for language learners/teachers. Nice work!
Looks awesome, will give it a shot. We play this game "offline" with our 7 year old at the dinner table. Might be cool to play online too.