Developer focused Headless GraphQL, CMS and SSG 🛠️

For developers who need to get things done and want a CMS that gets out of their way. Embrace the JAMstack.

- Drag and drop content modeling

- Instant GraphQL API

- Integrates out of the box with Netlify, s3, Google Cloud Storage and FTP

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26 Reviews5.0/5
We're very excited to be launching on Product Hunt today! To celebrate use code 'product-hunt' for 25% off the first 12 months of any regular TakeShape paid plan.
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I've been using TakeShape for the past couple of weeks and so far it's been a really excellent experience. Super easy to get started, and kind of magical to be able to statically build in the browser so seamlessly. Super excited about some of the upcoming feature releases as well. Highly recommend checking it out! 🎉
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Glad you're enjoying using TakeShape @estrattonbailey ! Thanks for the kind words!
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Hi, I'm Andrew, Co-founder and CTO at TakeShape! We’re excited to finally be able to share TakeShape with you. Mark and I have spent years building content experiences. We’ve always wanted a tool like TakeShape so we decided to build it. TakeShape is the only service which provides all the elements of JAMStack in one product. Flexible content modelling, GraphQL API and Static Site generation all with a simple to use web UI and CLI for developers. We see that future of the web will be built with a balance of static and dynamic content. We are very grateful for all the attention we’ve been getting today on Product Hunt. We hope you’ll give TakeShape a try and tell us how we can improve the TakeShape experience. What features are we missing? How can we improve the docs?
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We've been beta testing takeshape for use as a CMS for thegymnasium.com on our twitch livestream. It's been a fantastic product to use, and the learning experience has been wonderful. Even as someone with limited exposure to GraphQL, I had no problem picking this up and running with it.


Super easy to use! We went from 0 experience to a CMS Proof of Concept in under an hour!


Some dev experience required

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Love developing in TakeShape!


Clean, Elegant, Fast, Developer friendly.


Although never noted any issues its a new product.

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