The smartest Instagram scheduler

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Schedule your Instagram posts for times when they'll be seen by most of your followers.
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Thanks @NeerajT4 for sharing! :) We introduced TakeOff as a feature in JustUnfollow.com which soon shot up in popularity to 300,000 users. We have today introduced a standalone Android app and iOS app. Another feature (in iOS as of now) which we are excited about in it is called Photo Search which gives you the ability to search for high quality free to use images to share on Instagram (by queueing it to TakeOff). We want to help you keep your instagram active. Glad to answer your questions :)
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@shobhitic congrats this looks great!
@shobhitic @NeerajT4 Can I test the TakeOff feature?
@_shahedk @NeerajT4 Yeah. Is something stopping you?
Also check out Latergramme.
@rrhoover Thanks Ryan, @lategramme also offers web scheduling along with the mobile app.
@symana Looks like we beat you to Android :) @rrhoover @lategramme
@shobhitic @symana @rrhoover How are you guys differentiating from @lategramme? I use neither of these now so trying to decide which to go with! :)
@ianmikutel Lots! Our iOS version is actually ahead of Android right now so I am going to talk about that only. We have suggested hashtags presented to you while you type your caption so you don't need to think about them yourself. We also calculate the best time for you to post based on your followers. Another thing we have is Photo Search where you can search, using keywords like "Halloween" for free to use images for your instagram. We have some more things in pipeline but not announcing them before we ship them. Hope this helps :)
Is this against Instagram terms?
@BlendahTom We don't post directly to Instagram. We simply push a notification to you for posting.
@shobhitic very slick. well done.
Takeoff has crossed 600k users that's half a million users. It helps you use right hashtags along with your caption.