Taken To

A free, super-simple way to build a page online

Taken.to is a super simple way to build a page online. Simply drag cards you want into your page. You can choose from bio, link, video, image, email capture cards and more! Hit preview to view your page in mobile/desktop view and then publish when you're ready
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Hey guys - thanks for all the awesome support! 🙌 If you want to build your own taken.to page, make sure you watch the video to see how everything works (and how to get a super nice background). I tried to make the simplest possible way to build a page online as I felt a lot of website builders are unnecessarily bloated with features, which not everybody needs. You can still do a lot with taken.to: - design a beautiful page 🎨 - monetize links with Stripe 💸 - capture emails 📧 I'm still perfecting the product and will be tweeting about the journey if you want to follow along: https://twitter.com/isaacjoyous. Taken.to will also be an open startup so I'll tweet the revenue, views + other metrics from time to time Thanks again, Isaac 🙏
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Amazing demo and good luck with the launch!
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Never found such a simple website-maker with amazing design opportunities before. Simple and stylish. I'll stick to this now. Good job!
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@cecelie I'm glad you like it!
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Everyone in the music industry needs this, and they probably will at some point. Perfect.
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@rodney_james_martin Hey thanks for that, hopefully! There's already a super cool artist with one! -> https://taken.to/cile
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This looks awesome! Congrats to the team!
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@kruksharita Hey thanks Kruk, just me so it means a lot!