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Print your best photos for free (really). Shipped worldwide.

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Wow, the website and app are absolutely beautiful. Just ordered my 5 photos there and it was a very smooth process. This app has got game on launch, so polished. Did notice some french leaking into the interface but that was about it. Great job!
@adrian_cooney They have the best site! Looks good and is easy to use.
@imaleksi the app is now available in the Finnish AppStore! I'm glad to tell you that you are our first Finnish user :)
@imaleksi Also unavailable in Israel.
@imaleksi now available in Israel too :) Hope you'll enjoy the app.
@kidcampy thanks! Just ordered my first 5 photos.
How free is free? What is the catch in this deal?
@buxx we have the same business model as a media. The service is free thanks to advertising. In France, both the prints and the shipping are free thanks to brands. We hope to close deals with foreign brands to offer free shipping to every user all over the world.
@kidcampy @buxx can you clarify this? I think most people are fine with getting some advertisements with their free stuff, but not with their photo's being _used for_ advertisements. Awesome app btw. Unfortunately I don't have a credit card :(
Looks awesome! Any plans to bring it to Android?
@huadeon thanks for the feedback! We plan to be on GooglePlay this fall :)
Shipping is "Only 2$99 for the rest of the world."?
@edtoh shipping to France is free thanks to brands. We hope to launch the free shipping option in the other countries by the end of the year. Before that, we need to build a strong pool of foreign advertisers.
@kidcampy What @edtoh meant is that you have an error on your fourth tab on your page, you say 2$99 insteand of 2.99$ , or you really mean 2 payments of 99$ ?? because that sound extremely expensive.
@cedriking @edtoh of course 2.99$ ;) thank guys !