Take a five

Set the timer to open a self-destructing tab

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This website open a self-destructing tab to avoid procrastination. You can customize how long the tab will last.
Needed this for a while - As someone who works from home, I struggle with focus and I find techniques like the Pomodoro incredibly helpful. Let's see what this does for my productivity...
Great idea! Added to my collection of productivity/time-saving tips For the Impatient
Thanks for hunting this Dinesh! Today's been crazy... it got featured on the front page of Reddit and now it's here. But anyways, I made this tool because I hated how a 5 minute break would always turn into a 20 or 30 minute break. So now every time before I check Facebook or go on YouTube, I just open a 5 minute tab and when it closes I go right back to work. It turns out a lot of people have this same problem and needed a simple solution like this. I'm here to answer any questions, and I'd love to hear how you guys think it could be improved or ideas for features to be added!
@cmccoco I've been following this since you originally posted on r/entrpreneur. Congrats!
This is a great idea. Love it!