Cheap hotels, flights and deals for nomads

Tajawal is set to redefine how people in the Middle East travel, by going beyond the functional and generic services any other online travel agency offers.

Hey @kamran_ahmed, @mian_muhammad_asif & @meabed, Can you tell us more about your product? What makes it stand out from other hotel/nomad apps?
@jacqvon tajawal built a modern technology to serve the customers with best flights and hotels prices and availability. - Very transparent and cheap prices in comparison - Full tax and vat included in all prices and packages - wide selection of hotels, flights and holiday packages - superior customer service - UI/UX for the 20 century
I like that there's a multicity feature, which I've never seen before in other hotel apps
And also is there a provision to linkup the local tour guides with room booking at one go?