Tagsdock 3.0

Search & add Instagram hashtags from your iOS keyboard

Tagsdock 3.0 is a keyboard for Instagram.

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Tagsdock is the fastest, easiest and most effective way to hashtag your posts on Instagram from your iOS keyboard. Like most Instagram users, I use hashtags for my photos. Bulk copying hashtags from other apps and then opening Instagram app every time to paste it sucks. Wanted to tag my Instagram photos faster, so we built Tagsdock. We launched last year with over 100+ curated popular hashtags categories. You could choose from over 3000+ popular hashtags for any photo from these 100+ hashtags categories. One of the most requested features was to search for any hashtag. You can now search for any hashtag from your iOS keyboard by clicking on the search icon. You will be shown a list of the top 30+ related popular hashtags for that hashtag.
@kwdinc I'd been using Tagsdock for some time, but when you changed the price to "Free with in-app purchase for premium", I lost the features I'd already paid for when it was a paid-app, and "restore in-app purchase" doesn't work. Have contacted support about this a few times, but was told "That shouldn't happen", and that it would resolve itself (it hasn't). Had continued to use the app, as I could still use the custom tags I'd already setup, I just couldn't use any new ones. Until today, when you updated the app, and now I can't even access the ones I'd previously configured. Definitely a frustrating customer experience.
@rossdcurrie Hey Ross, we are extremely sorry about this. This hasn't happened to any of our users until now. Before we moved to freemium model with IAP we pushed an update to make sure that all pro users access to features are not interrupted. I think you might have missed that update. But we can fix this πŸ”‘ , we will push an update in two days with which you can recover all your favorite list and continue to use pro features without any problem! Also, please do not uninstall the app because if you do so the custom favorite list will be gone. We need at least one favorite hashtag list so that we can recover your purchase. Would not be possible to recover your favorite lists if you had uninstalled and downloaded the app again earlier as well. If the new update doesn't resolve the issue, I will refund your money back!
@rossdcurrie @kwdinc Hey Ross, as a quick fix we would love❀️ to send you a promo code for In-App Purchase. And that should resolve your problem :).
@rahulmfg @kwdinc That would be great Rahul - I've just sent another reply to the support incident I logged back in August.
@rossdcurrie @kwdinc Mailed πŸ’Œ you the code 😊 .
Wow, that looks time-saving for active Insta users! Will check this out definitely
@paul_shuteyev Thanks Paul! Would love to hear your feedback!
@kwdinc What I can tell you know - it's a brilliant tool! I already like it:)
@paul_shuteyev @kwdinc ❀️ πŸ₯
I think this can be reallyvalueble while working with business accounts πŸ‘
Awesome tool! Any plans for Android?
@eviloctopusnet Thanks , we plan to do it ! Meanwhile check out our web app https://tagsdock.com/hashtags πŸ™‚
HashTags are very useful to categorize and group the content, that said, it is equally difficult to remember the different hashtags. Interestingly if one wants to tag something with the popular hashtags of the current time, it is really challenging. This is very cool idea to have them on keyboard itself for quick access and adding multiple hashtags in few seconds....