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#3 Product of the DayJuly 29, 2015
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I'm one of the creators. Thanks for featuring us ! Tagplay (http://tagplay.co) lets you update your website using your own social media profiles. You simple post something on your social media profile and use a hashtag to control which content goes where on your website. You can also update your site updating Facebook Page Info and gather user generated content through hashtags. At the same time Tagplay is making it a lot easier for web developers to make a website (backend-as-a-service) that their clients can easily update. Here's a demo : http://demo.tagplay.co/ Here's more about how it works: http://tagplay.co/how-it-works I would love to hear what you think. Best, Sesselja
@sesseljav Looks like a really interesting idea! Is it just me, or is the "demo" button at the top of the landing page just about invisible? 😁
@ry_brink @sesseljav Good point Ryan. Do you think it should be more obvious? Perhaps also in the header?
@sesseljav This is subtle and kind of genius. It solves a major workflow problem for small (and probably large) businesses who are great at social and awful at updating their own websites. The restaurant example is clever. Clothing stores, movies, festivals, concert venues, grocery stores... lots of smart use cases. Well done.
@sesseljav What are the use cases of this? what kind of content would i update to my site from social media?
This is very cool. The demo for a restaurant is spot on.
It's funny how things have changed. We used to write something on a website and use social media to amplify the message. Now we use social media to write the message and a website as a collector. To be clear, I am not complaining, I am just highlighting a "plot twist" :) I can definitely see many users saying "I don't wanna learn to update content on a website, I already use Facebook to talk to my customers", so harvesting data from FB and the like makes a lot of sense in this case.
We work with a lot of small wineries and restaurants and I lost my ability to be surprised with how many just have outdated or non-existent websites. Some do well on social media, and neglect the website, others just ignore both. Never understood how someone in today's world could think about having a public business and no social/web presence. Interesting to see. Pricing seems ok, but how easy/hard is integration into existing websites? Considering your target market probably isn't technical, which is why they don't update their website, how high is that barrier to adding this to what they're already using?
What an amazing idea! Seems like a game-changer for site owners who want to be able to keep their website up-to-date with as little web know-how as possible.