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CRM to manage your live chat conversations & leads.

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Tagove CRM enables businesses to manage your live chat conversion right the way. Further, you can email them, call them directly without leaving dashboard.

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Laduram Vishnoi
Laduram VishnoiMaker@laduramvishnoi · CEO at Acquire
Thank you so much @kwdinc for hunting us. Finding the best ways to manage sales and support has been an endeavour for any organizations. Many people like us were using legacy CRM system that has to integrate with third party like live chat. Literally, these integrations have many limitations. So, providing CRM support features was our thought, to serve best for organizing leads and to know more about the customer to support them better. We came up with an idea to inbuilt a CRM system that pulls you the information of the visitor (through live chat, video chat) which comes to your website and had a conversation with you. If you want the basic features and don’t want to spend a hefty amount on individual CRM systems as it cannot be completely utilized by you, then it’s the best ready platform that is available from today. I am sure you will enjoy some of the salient features - Get chat history directly in CRM - Manage and access leads anytime, directly call or email them from the system itself - Get smarter with email automation - Categorize them and share with other departments to get them the specialized support in the near future - Have the capability to store lead while you’re offline Hope our efforts and positive initiatives save you time and money and we can welcome you on Tagove to boost your business!
Jonathan Rechtman
Jonathan Rechtman@jonathan_rechtman · Cadence co-founder + pro interpreter
Laduram Vishnoi
Laduram VishnoiMaker@laduramvishnoi · CEO at Acquire
@jonathan_rechtman Thank you Jonathan
Great product! :)
Laduram Vishnoi
Laduram VishnoiMaker@laduramvishnoi · CEO at Acquire
@aejfager thank you anton
Surendra Suthar
Surendra Suthar@surendra_suthar · Tagove
Tagove CRM is useful product and well organized Leads, Tasks, Email, Custom groups, Sharing features, Voip & chats History. Tagove is proactive to always further develop the system.
Tony Freed
Tony Freed@tony_freed · Customer Activation Specialist
Amazing product!