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Jason DainterHunter@jasondainter · International doer of things
A while ago, I decided for my first car that it would be a good idea to buy this 20 year old convertible 3 litre beast... . I live in Sweden now, and therefore own a much more modest car (!) but regardless am still somewhat of a car lover. Naturally when you own one of these monsters you end up becoming quite involved in online communities (mostly when the thing breaks down and you have to find some obscure part in order to fix it!). Those communities are normally phpbb forums built in the 90's and are often pretty ghastly. Tag My Ride basically solves that problem in one swoop, its a social network for people who love cars to engage,but also a place where you can tag the car parts you install and share them with other enthusiasts. Aside from gaining bragging points, other people can then order those parts you tag themselves through affiliated sites. Its interesting to see how these kind of niche communities are thriving since the Facebook explosion (for example, another great Swedish 'Facebook for X' startup is Fishbrain (http://www.producthunt.com/posts...). Over to the founder Michael to tell us what inspired him to build this and where he sees this going in the future...
Michael GoldmanMaker@michael_goldman2
Jason, thanks for hunting us! Its great to be on Product Hunt. Hi guys, I'm the founder of TagMyRide. The idea of TagMyRide came from my own passion for cars. I tried to find a place where i could share my passion, discover car parts or just get inspiration. (I didn't really want to spam all my friends and family with car posts or asking them about car problems on Facebook or Instagram). I knew a bunch of old school Forums but it wasn't really the place for a gearhead. We interviewed car owners and car enthusiasts and asked if they had the the same problem and found out that not only they have this issue but the whole automotive industry is facing a lack of mobile strategies when strong demand for aftermarket parts and accessories continue to fuel sales. So we started to work on the product to bring revolutionary way interact with the automotive world around you. Please don't hesitate to ask any questions - we will try to answer all of them to our best ability
Joshua Decker@jdbt · Founder & CEO, Tagboard
As the founder of a large online automotive website myself, I'm excited to try this out. I can't believe vBulletin is still a thing, so archaic. Looking forward to giving it a go once I'm off this flight and can download it.
Michael GoldmanMaker@michael_goldman2
@jdbt feel free to ask any questions about it or just leave your feedback. Thank you
Michael GoldmanMaker@michael_goldman2
@jdbt Any feedback?
Michael GoldmanMaker@michael_goldman2
@tylerballl I wouldn't call it little niche. Size of the U.S automotive parts aftermarket over 135 billion U.S dollars actually + Motorsports is the 2nd most watched sport after Football in America.