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Tagmate is an app that lets you discover & host meetups near you. Currently accessible to university students.
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Looks dope! What kind of meet ups can I start with this?
@lloyd_xie Hey Lloyd, thanks! You can start with the preset meetups. Preset meetups include jamming session, chat over snacks, study group and more.
Hey Product Hunt community, We noticed the silent yet growing loneliness epidemic around the world. It's funny to see this as we are the most connected generation ever. We wanted to use technology to bring people together in real life and help form real human bonds. This is why we started Tagmate, a platform that allows you to find like-minded people by hosting and attending real-life meetups near you. It's currently only available for university students. Each university has its own exclusive and private network. It's coming to cities soon! Let me know what you think!
love this working on something similar and love the fact that others are also trying to solve this. how long have you guys been working on this?
@edisonjoao6871 hey Edison, that's amazing. Just checked out Foxie, looks really cool. Are you bootstrapped or venture funded? We started around 8 months ago with a slightly different idea. We pivoted to this idea 4 months ago and launched at the first university 1 month ago.
@shivamsaigupta bootstrapped, what about you guys? What was the initial idea?
@edisonjoao6871 bootstrapped so far. Initial idea was a favor barter system for college students.
@shivamsaigupta that's a pretty neat idea though, the main thing is just getting fraternities to start using it I believe