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Hey Product Hunt! I’m Jamie, head of marketing for the Tagly app (@tagly_app). Our team started building Tagly a year ago with the vision of creating a new way for people to follow their favorite brands, businesses, and places. Today, we’re excited to share with you Tagly for Android & iOS; an app to change the way you interact with and follow fashion & lifestyle brands. We’re using this app to turn questions into answers; Are people willing to follow only brands? Can we apply the best parts of segmented/ targeted emails to digestible/light social media posts? Will people follow more brands when they have the ability to choose to receive only the specific post types they want (ie; sales, products, news, events, or everything). We’re pumped to see the answers... Here’s a highlight of some of Tagly’s best features: A personalized social fashion feed -- follow what matters to you, whether it’s a brand's events, sales, trends, announcements, or everything. Daily Collections -- A twice-a-day highlight of the best posts from the brands you follow and personalized recommendations that align with your interests. Chat in-app with friends -- an easy way to share what you love, and discover their next fashion obsession. We’re still learning a lot and want to thank you all for any comments, feedback, and help - very much look forward to chatting with you all! - Jamie & the Tagly Team
@jamie_delancey just downloaded the @tagly_app and think the onboarding experience was great! Congrats on the launch. How did you pick the initial set of brands to include?
@daperzer Thanks so much, very glad you enjoyed the onboarding, and great question. Our initial list of brands was driven by a number of different criteria - the three main points were: 1) they posted quality content frequently, 2) they weren't too limited in national reach (so if it was a boutique in Austin,TX - we made sure they still had e-commerce). 3) the brand worked well with the rest of the group so our ideal targeted user would follow as many of our brands as possible and take advantage of post type control. Thanks again for the download and the question!
Beautiful! Couple initial thoughts: I love the attention to cute mindful messages within the app. Many little items have been thought through which is very nice. ("No friends yet." "Unfollow all"as an easy option is nice. Etc.) Following for me depends on the brand - I don't mind following good brands w limited messaging. Thank you for the unfollow all. Is there a way to do that later? You have outdoorsy and feminine .. Can you add an edgy? Initial impression is good. 😄 Hope that helped. Best of luck!!
@beuntangled thanks so much for the note Laurel! We'll continue to add to our interests as we grow and keep building out user profile options. Thanks again for the feedback!