App for fast saving anything without losing focus

Taggy is an application for fast saving texts, links or images without losing focus while you are in the middle of the work, reading or something else

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Hey Product Hunt! I'm glad to present my second launched project - Taggy :) Taggy is an application for fast saving texts, links or images using only shortcuts. With Taggy you don't need to copy-paste anything or even open an application. Everything you need to do is copy whatever you want to save (any text, link or image) and press a special shortcut for saving, that's it! Easy, huh? Let me know what you think about it :)
@silencerweb Nice job, looks very beautiful! Does it work only inside the browser?
@wimgz thank you :) Nope, that's the point of the app, it works everywhere :)
@silencerweb that's really cool ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
Great idea & use case. But here's what I feel could be worked upon. 1. Put a button for downloading your tool. Right now the windows and mac icons just seem like information. A good amount of users won't guess it's clickable. 2. Ditch the pricing model. It will boost your user growth. And honestly consumers won't pay that much for this. 3. The ideal strategy you should follow is, have a working free app that works for anyone. Then make some features premium like tagging or color coding or whatever it is. This will make more cash as people will come for free, try it and have an urge to be more productive and buy the premium. 4. If you have some money to run this. My advice would be make it a free tool and get maximum users. This app can be easily acquired by any other big app in the space. Cheers.
@yash thank you so much for your amazing advices! :) Going to make application free and improve landing page as you said + add a good demo of how it works :)
Hey this is actually a great idea! Sounds very useful. I'm not a fan of the pricing model though to be honest.... Maybe if there a way to get it cheaper for say 1y, or 3y or something....
@anna_0x thank you Actually, I'm thinking about making it free because I'm not really fun of taking money for a product on early stage and I don't really want to work with all these payments things because it is complicated for me. And most likely I will make it free, so you don't worry, you can just start using it :) cc @itsnblackburn
@itsnblackburn @silencerweb oh i see! That would be pretty cool to be honest ๐Ÿ˜„ I'll give it a shot later today hopefully!
@anna_0x cool! Hopefully, I will release a new version of the app till this time :) Also, let me know what you think about it :)
@silencerweb dude, this is SO awesome! Been trying it out for a few mins and it just works ๐Ÿ˜ Two suggestions: 1. dark (black) mode pretty pretty please 2. quicker way to edit tags Right now it's very easy to save content (cmd+shift+C) but when you actually want to organize that content, it seems that you have to click the edit button, scroll down to the tags section and right the tags. It would be much better if there was a way to batch edit/apply tags and a quick tag editor (when you click the bottom half of the saved item for example the tags become editable and you edit straight away) But this is very nice, definitely something that has been missing! How did you even make this? ๐Ÿ˜ฎ
@anna_0x haha, I'm so glad that you liked it :D Yea, I have already this on my roadmap, going to redesign settings first and add an ability to change the shortcut, then change the way of editing tags and then maybe dark mode :) That's how I see the way of editing tags: 1. You can remove the tag by clicking the 'X' button that will be next to each tag. 2. You can add the tag just by clicking on the tag below the input. I was thinking to display all available tags right under the input so you will not even need to type anything. 3. But if you need to add a new tag, you will probably need to type it in the input. It is kinda complicated one but I hope I will be able to release a version with this next week :) Well, the idea came to me like this: I always saved all links and conversations from the Telegram in the 'Saved Messages' right inside the Telegram but after a while, it turned into a mess where I couldn't find anything. Also, it was annoying always to open Telegram for saving links and I always lost my focus because of this and all the new messages I saw. So, I came up with an application for saving links and text using just one shortcut (unfortunately, it turned out that it is not possible to do only with one shortcut, that's why you have to copy it first) and created it using Electron.js and React.js :)
Nice idea but the pricing model is completely unjustified as you are not offering a service.