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#1 Product of the DayJanuary 16, 2017
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Eli Luzac
Eli LuzacMaker@hayush · TagDox CEO
Thanks @chrismessina you have been very helpful! We have worked hard to make understanding documents such as legal-, financial contracts or academic papers much easier and faster using Machine learning, NLP and the wisdom of the crowd. Why would you have to search a similar documents again that others have read or that is similar to a document you read three months ago? Why do you need to attach documents to email and refer to page numbers when someone is able to immediately see the highlighted "tagged" section and respond to? Our main aim is to reduce aimless browsing and repetitive searching and eliminate work duplication inside a team, company or industry. Finally, TagDox will allow people to come up with better insights more quickly across all the documents in the TagBase. Using checklists called "Tagsets", you can easily capture what you need to know and would like to maybe share with others. We are offering 5GB free document storage for early adopters that upload documents from Producthunt today. You can login through Linkedin right now. You can upload pdfs (also scanned) and word documents. TagDox is optimised for Chrome at the moment. Looking forward to hearing your feedback!
exex zian
exex zian@exexzian · Software Engineer
Demo video looks promising but when can we expect email sign-up and other social logins?
Eli Luzac
Eli LuzacMaker@hayush · TagDox CEO
@exexzian Thank you for your question. We want to ensure the high quality and speed of content creation and sharing similar to Stackoverflow. So for now we use Linkedin authentication as a means to "filter" users. That said, we are looking to include other means of authentication in the short term.
Kevin Leneway
Kevin Leneway@kleneway · CTO / Co-Founder, Haiku Deck
This looks great, congrats! Have you had any pushback on companies who are concerned about uploading corporate documents?
Eli Luzac
Eli LuzacMaker@hayush · TagDox CEO
@kleneway hey Kevin - companies do need to look after their security of their documents. The system has been penetration tested and is encrypted. Furthermore, we offer a private cloud/on premise solution. Also, sharing documents with others through TagDox can be more secure than for instance email when you don't give share rights.
Keir Williams
Keir Williams@keirwilliams · Officer at @TheGreenParty
I wonder how this could work with academic papers 🤔
Eli Luzac
Eli LuzacMaker@hayush · TagDox CEO
@keirwilliams you can highlight sections, share and discuss insights immediately with you colleagues, students and the wider academic community. For instance - We have a lecturer sharing his documents with his students so they can get to grips with the documents quickly. Post docs and students are sharing articles they spent a lot of time studying with others so they can quickly understand bias, main points and results in articles. My secret hope is that in aggregate this will speed up scientific discovery - don't tell anyone;>!.
Sawaram Suthar
Sawaram Suthar@sawarams · Marketing Head at Tagove
Idea looks interesting! AI is the future of the technology.