Tag, Search & Summarize

Highlight and tag text in Google Docs to search & summarize

In a single document you have multiple points spanning a wide range of topics. Tag, Search & Summarize allows you to tag specific parts of your notes, to later access them for a given topic, across and within all documents and owners in your Google Drive.

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Can you give a bit of background and info here @rumble_ish? Always interested in learning more about new publishing-related projects.
@davedri - Absolutely! Currently in Drive you can tag and search files, but there wasn't a way to tag content within Docs. This Docs add-on allows you to highlight and tag sentences or paragraphs with in a Doc and then search and summarize the usage of those tags across Docs. So if you are taking notes or doing research and have 10 different documents you can tag a paragraph in each Doc as "quote". Then when you need to find all the quotes in all your Docs, search for that tag to return a list of all the occurrences or create a summary spreadsheet to reference later. Here is some more info and a bit about why we needed something like this: https://medium.com/mavenlink-pro... Thanks for your inquiry and let me know if I need to explain anything better or if you have any further questions! Thanks, Chris
@rumble_ish @davedri This is a very nice Friday project! I can see the value for any sales team doing qualitative analysis on the fly. It clicked for me when I saw the export, compiling all of the related pieces of feedback [tags] for easier analysis. Sweet. The trick might be adopting the process across a team, or investing in someone to review notes and do the tagging. Simple for one person to adopt but an unlikely practice for an entire team without regular prodding. And good work on the PH launch success -- your Medium post is well written. I might suggest a headline that cuts right to the benefit. Some quick ideas: Easy, exportable user research Better visibility into your customer's needs Scale your sales research Add value to your user research Stop wasting all of your user research What do you think? Well done, Team Mavenlink :) -Emily
@editemily - Wow! Thank you so much for your thoughtful feedback! Those are some great ideas and I appreciate the thoughts around scaling this to a team. That seems like a great thing to address in future versions! I will also think about retitling the post to something more direct like your suggestions...Thanks again for your message and time! :)
@editemily - I renamed my article per your comments! I can't really tell if it has helped but I'm totally on board with your logic! Thanks again. If your in town, please let me buy you a coffee, and or find you some gigs! I really appreciate your comment!
How is this different than the comment and suggestion features built-in?
@troychristmas - Thanks for your question! Let me know if this helps to clarify things a bit. This allows you to search tags within all Docs in Drive not just one Doc. And will return the tag, associated highlighted text, title of the doc as well as a link to the instance. It will also return multiple instances of the same tag within one document if multiple instances exist. In addition you can create a summary document which can function as a table of contents for all tagged content across all documents in drive. Does that make sense?
@rumble_ish Yep. Kinda like what I do with Evernote search - Thanks.
@troychristmas - Awesome! I'll have to check that out! It's super interesting to work with how we create and access content, I feel like a lot of progress can be made!
Great stuff !! The walk-through video doesn't have the audio?
@ayush_chandra - Thanks!! I need to add the audio still...just wanted to get something up in the meantime to show a usecase flow! Thanks for checking it out!!
Chris, Is 'Tag, Search & Summarize' still available? I recently stumbled across the ZettleKasten method of research (https://medium.com/@mosessampaul...) that I would like to try. Your product would be a great way to do this, but I wasn't able to find is as an add-on. Thanks, Todd