Affiliate marketing is now dead simple. Just like that ✨

TAG. is meant to bring social media and shopping together. We plan on doing this with affiliate marketing, so with every product sold through a post, you can get a certain percentage of the product's price.

Thanks for checking the app out! It's still a work in progress, but we're working hard to get all the bugs out. :]

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Hi There! I'm Jared Davidson, I'm 19, and together with Andras, Daniel and Benedek we created Tag. Let us know what you think about the app! We realize there are some performance issues & bugs and are working hard to fix them all up. We hope you enjoy our idea & app overall though! If you have any questions, I’d love to hear them. :]
@archetapp who pays the affiliate fees?
@chrismessina At the moment, we work through Amazon which has their own process of handling affiliate fees. In the future when we create our own store, we'll let the seller specify how much they want affiliates to get when sharing their product. So in the end for both methods, the affiliate fee comes out of the sellers profits. We'll be keeping our fees low for this reason as well. Amazon is uncontrollable, so where Amazon takes ~30%, we'd take maybe 12% depending on the affiliate fee. 1-2% for us. 5% (Affiliate fee) for the tagger. Rest is payment fees for Stripe. :)
@archetapp got it — is this compliant with Amazon's affiliate terms? They booted me off for posting books to Product Hunt (!!) ... so can you do downstream rev share splitting?
@chrismessina Yep! Totally compliant. We aren't taking the money and splitting it between people, we're providing a pass-through to make it easier for people that already have affiliate ids. So in the end, it's the same as sharing a link in a description & Amazon still handles the money. That's weird they booted you off for that! :/
Hey there Jared, I've been following you over on youtube for a couple of years now and feel really happy and excited for you. In love with the idea and UX of TAG. Pretty sure it'll go far. Cheers!
@sebastiancrossa Thanks Sebastian for all the support! ❤️
great idea and love your video.
Only for iOS? No Android?