Tag a Cat

The cat picture sharing app

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@saraclay15 you'll like this
@sydney_liu_sl hahahaha this is dangerous
Hey All, Super excited to see Tag A Cat on Product Hunt! The idea for Tag A Cat came from my Mom in a way. She loved to mention how no matter where I traveled I always found cats to take photos of. I didn’t think much of it. But I realized that when you’re somewhere really unfamiliar seeing something familiar just makes you that much more comfortable. I loved that no matter where I went the one thing that was always the same were the cats and how others took care of them. I thought if we could all share something so simple it could bring us a better understanding of each other. Personally it would be impossible for me to travel everywhere and simply share my own photos so I wanted to make a place where everyone could share their photos. Tag A Cat was programed out on the floor of a hotel room for 4 months until I had something workable. That was well over a year ago and the app has now had well over 10,000 cat photos uploaded by users from over 24 countries. It’s been amazing to see the support and love of sharing photos from other cat lovers all over the world. I truly hope that I can continue to work on Tag A Cat and give the Internet just a few more cats. Thanks, Grant Wolz FB: https://www.facebook.com/tagacat IG: @tagacapapp
I worry that this will kick a lot of people's obsessions up to an 11... Plans for Android?
@afhill Some day possibly but for now it will be iOS only sorry.