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TAG 2.0

The social media of shopping, selling and marketing. πŸ›

We believe that everyone should get their fair share. Creators should be paid for advertising something when it leads to a sale. Sellers shouldn't be price gouged for selling online. Shoppers should have less places to login to in order to buy something or find something they want to buy.

We hope to be that all-in-one package. :]

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Jared Davidson
Programmer | YouTuber | Tech Lover
We launched on here a few months back & received incredible feedback on our product that we really took to heart and tried to improve upon. Here we are again, better than ever: Selling & shopping is handled right within our app! Discoverability is smarter. Bugs have been fixed. EVERYONE can now be an affiliate. Hope you give us a shot! Let us know what you'd like to see in the future. We've got lots planned. :]