Simple location sharing to meet up with friends

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I've been using Tag since it launched, and it's a great way to send photos and videos along with location to individuals or groups of people. A new and fun communication channel for me and my friends.
Thanks @danielbru! We built tag with simplicity in mind and focused on giving our friends a really easy way to meet up. I recently graduated from Rutgers, and there was no good way to meet up with friends on campus. A few tight groups used "find my friends", but nothing mainstream. We initially thought Tag would be used more as a utility, but it has grown into a really fun social experience. Tags quickly accomplish "I'm here, this is the scene, who is down to meet up?" BCC style. If anyone wants to add my personal account on Tag my username is "josh"
Thanks @danielbru We're trying to make it safe and fun to share location with your friends when you want to meet up. Just check-in privately, and attach a photo or video to show what you're doing and friends can "tag" you back in private. Tag is great for keeping tabs without the creepiness of persistent "tracking." What do you think? How would you use Tag? Would love to hear from the community!
@aneelrr I liked it when I used it. It helped answer the general question (when sent to a targeted group - my preferred use case) of what area are you in, is it fun and sometimes who are you with? The problem for me was that the address was usually a bit off and not reliable enough to avoid having to manually ask for a specific location to meet with a friend.
@EAWharton great feedback and much appreciated that was the biggest complaint and we are actually about to submit an update to either manually enter an address or drag the pin to where you want - shoot me an email if you want to check this out early (in private beta) or else stay tuned for this update which should probably go live end of next week. Thanks Eddie! My email is aneelrr@gmail.com :)