Create sleeve and cover art for your band in minutes

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My thanks as well Andrew. If anyone wants to know quite how Lee's idea came about and actually got made he wrote about that story on our site here - http://tadtheapp.com/tad-foundin...
Love discovering new apps designed for musicians exclusively. I hope we will be seeing more coming up soon (beyond the music production market), even though it's not the easiest industry for app developers. As for TAD, seems like it has a chance of not only helping a bunch of artists, but improving the quality of artworks on music platforms. Which wouldn't hurt at all.
Thanks Andrew for your kind words. I am one of the makers of this app, first jump into the app world for me. I came up with the idea because I am an independent musician and this was always a problem I faced, and when I realised no-one had really tackled it I thought I would have a go. There are many more problems musicians face so I should never be short of ideas! Lee
Thank you for putting this out. One more step solved for a musician that needs to do packaging for their product. I'm 100% behind anybody that can help the creative cause move forward as I myself am a heavy metal guitarist/bassist
@workstationw Thanks Bill. We'll be working hard to keep improving it so that it's a great tool for all musicians.