Tactics Cloud

Find, filter, and curate users into highly targeted lists.

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Hey! Developer and co-founder for Tactics Cloud here. We've come up with some pretty cool use-cases for it / growing audiences and finding markets. Check out http://blog.tacticscloud.com/how... for a few more! Happy to answer any questions, and thanks for checking us out!
This is awesome, @phil_renaud. I like the explicit use cases you provide -- makes the value of service clear. How do you personally use it? cc @marshallk, founder of Little Bird (AMA w/ him here: http://www.producthunt.co/posts/933)
Hey @rrhoover ! For me personally, it's helped to identify potential users for new projects, or collaborators interested in the same things I'm into. For example, one of my favorite searches is for followers of @kickstarter and @github - I know that they're likely a developer into social funding. If I'm going to a conference in a given city, I'll drop that city in the location field and message out to see if anybody wants to grab a beer while I'm in town. Lots of fun use-cases - always best when they end in a real conversation!
I spent 20 minutes looking for a this type of tool this morning. Then I get on here to kill some time and BOOM there it is. Awesome product, @phil_renaud. And @rrhoover Product Hunt is also awesome.