Keep track of your daily tasks.

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I may need it to keep track of all the websites I need to visit on a daily basis:)
Get organized. Especially with those kind of routines that make your life better - you know, the ones you conveniently forget about or replace with other habits that may not be as productive. Oy vey.
@v4violetta How does the web app work? The explained video doesn't say much. Does it have some sort of automation that does the tracking of routines on behalf of the user?
@emmanuelamber You create the tasks and them check them off as appropriate. Haven't used it more than a day, and I'm not sure I'll be able to continue to do so. Too many tools out there.
Oh, I can totally use that :D A mobile app would be nice if a way can be found to issue notifications without being too annoying (to remind of what has still to be done). @makers, if around: While I can see the point of using tasks for documentation purpose (the ones prefilled), it is totally confusing if you happen to visit the "check off tasks" pages before editing the related routine :)
This is a pretty heavy handed solution in a world of many many many other apps that do very similar thing. Personally, I found the cognitive overhead of having a new tool often outweighs the marginal benefits of the new tool. With my daily tasks, I have simply gone to a card in Trello and check them off. No, I don't get analytics, but it is also not that big a deal and fits into existing workflow.
By the way, that's quite a list of todo products, @vingar has here ;) http://www.producthunt.com/@ving...
@oelmekki Thanks Olivier, for the mention! :)