Taco Text

Yo for tacos

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I built this app because I love and live tacos, to an extent that is both amazing and disturbing to those around me. Also, I feel that this serves a real need in the technology community that traditionally overlooks folded bread pockets and other wrap type foods.
Send a taco via SMS - four to choose! @esoelzer, did you find existing emoji apps needed more tasty fillings or suffered from inadequate crunch?
Thanks for checking out Taco Text. This was the work of @benbrown and @goatsandbacon (who illustrated those delightful tacos). After several unsuccessful submission attempts to the App Store (for lack of features), we were surprised and excited to find this passed today. Apparently Apple's inspectors required a variety of tacos be available to provide the appropriate level of value to users.
I love pet projects. #tacos