Tack Video

Conversations that you can watch

This looks cool but not even sure I quite understand it!! Could you explain how it works :)
@bentossell Hey Ben- Thanks! I'd be happy to explain. Basically, Tack is an app that allows people to stitch content together in way that can be watched as a continuous video. Similar to how Snapchat's Live Stories or Twitter's Moments work, we allow users to view and interact with a conversation rather than simply read static text. The main difference here is that any user can start one and anyone can contribute, as opposed it being curated and entirely controlled by us.
@samit57 cool so sort of collaborative snapchat/instagram stories?
@bentossell Yup, that's the angle we're going with :) that being said, in addition to allowing the user to post live video/photos, we do also put emphasis on other types of uploads like gifs, plain text, drawings, etc. In the next couple updates, we plan to add more input options, as well as more ways for users to customize the content they upload.
Thanks a lot for hunting us @anthonyfrasier! Hey Product Hunt, I’m Samit. Tack is the easiest way to create posts that people can add to! Each post you start creates a chain, which anyone can contribute to with a tack. Tacks can be text, videos, photos, drawings, or gifs. As people add to your post, it becomes a continuous video for anyone to view and share. We like to think of Tack as being similar to the Live Stories on Snapchat, except collaborative and more flexible with different types of media. We’d love to answer any of your questions and we can’t wait to hear from you!