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Hi everyone, I built Tack. My business partner and I also run a social media agency. We always struggled to get clients to provide content. And when they did provide photos, they were frequently unusable. Instagram has been an awesome source of content - high-quality, lots of it, and well-indexed with location tags and hashtags. Getting permission to use the content was the trick. We used to keep spreadsheets of links to Instagram posts so we'd know what posts we had asked permission to use and whether the user replied. We'd go back weekly to see if there was an approval. Then we had to figure out how to get a copy of the photo / video downloaded. We were doing this for dozens of Instagram accounts each week. It was brutal. Tack brought order to our chaos. We could keep track of all the locations and hashtags we needed to review (and when we last reviewed them). Users consented to a real legal agreement. Tack took care of monitoring for approvals and downloading the images into a media library. Our team was able to more easily engage with customers & fans on Instagram. Clients could easily embed customer photos on their websites. Wins all around! We hope Tack will be an indispensable tool for marketers incorporating user-generated content into the strategy for their brands & businesses. I'd love to answer any questions and hear feedback & suggestions!
Tack is an awesome product built by an awesome team.